Diploma in Housekeeping Services

This course leads to one of the most trending careers in Hospitality , especially with the cruise ships these days where a lot of vacancies are available for people to work in the house keeping department. During the course candidates are taught to supervise people working in the laundry, public area cleaning and the general upkeep of hotel rooms. Candidates will also be taught interior and exterior room designing. The course also leads to one becoming the house keeper or executive house keeper which are lucrative vacancies in the Hospitality field

The course can also lead into guest services where one can meet up with guests and provide them with guest services like of guests to their next destination right up to delivering of guest items which they might have forgotten in the hotel. If you like meeting people with diverse cultures and ethnic groups this is the right course to choose

Additional Fees:

Uniforms: $86

Registration : $30

$260 per Month